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Peter Turner was a boilermaker on various P&O ships between 1959 and 1971. During this period the boilers were lagged with asbestos and Peter was exposed to this on a daily basis.


He often had to remove the lagging from boilers and associated pipework to carry out maintenance and repairs. He then had to mix up new lagging plaster from asbestos powder and water. He also made jackets for the boilers using asbestos cloth, which he filled with an asbestos flock and then sewed up with asbestos twine.


Peter Turner


These activities produced large amounts of asbestos dust and fibers which hung around in the confined space of the boiler room. The dust would get onto his clothes and he could not avoid breathing it in because he was not provided with any sort of mask.


Sadly Peter contracted mesothelioma as a result of this work and this was diagnosed in May 2013. The illness progressed rapidly and Peter passed away in June 2013. It was not possible to conclude a mesothelioma claim during Peter's lifetime, but this was carried on by his civil partner.


P&O later accepted full liability and the claim settled in December 2013. The money will enable his partner to remain in their home.


His partner said "I am very grateful to Caroline and thank her for dealing with this so quickly. Peter would be glad to know that I will be able to stay in our home as this was his wish. Caroline has dealt with this sensitively and efficiently for us."


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