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Mr C was employed as an electrician by the Maudsley Hospital in Denmark Hill in London from 1957 to 1995. He was exposed to asbestos in that employment when working in ducts beneath the hospital where broken pieces of lagging on the floor would be routinely disturbed as he walked through and pulled cables through the ducts. He also had to sweep up pieces of lagging left by contractors who had stripped this from pipes in the ducts. During annual inspections, Mr C helped maintenance fitters to strip asbestos lagging from the boilers and steam pipes. He also encountered asbestos lagging when carrying out routine work in plant rooms and gaining access to the instruments on the boilers.


As a result of these exposures, Mr C developed mesothelioma from which he sadly died in July 2012. Mesothelioma solicitor, Caroline Pinfold successfully sued the Strategic Health Authority to recover full compensation for Mr C's family.


After the case was settled, Mrs C said:
"Your persistence and determination have resulted in a much greater payment of compensation than I would have anticipated. I especially appreciate the courtesy and sensitivity you have shown in all your dealings with myself and my late husband."

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