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Peter Buckner was exposed to asbestos in his work as a carpenter for employers including Balfour Beatty for whom he worked at Dungeness power station in the 1960s. Laggers were working at the power station during the same period and he was exposed to asbestos dust from the lagging materials that they were using. This would cause huge clouds of dust in the air which no one working near them could avoid breathing in. No masks or other respiratory protection were provided to the men and as a result he could not avoid breathing in the asbestos dust and fibres.


Peter Buckner2


Until August 2014 Peter and his wife went ballroom dancing 3 or 4 times a week, but he became very breathless and mesothelioma was diagnosed the following month. Fluid was drained from his lung and he had a permanent drain inserted into his chest. Sadly he lost weight and deteriorated quite quickly. He suffered considerable pain and his wife provided a great deal of care at home until he had to be admitted to hospital about a week before he passed away in November 2014.


Caroline Pinfold acted on behalf of Peter and then for his family in pursuing a successful claim. Mrs Buckner wrote "My family and I are so grateful for your help and advice in making a claim for compensation on behalf of my dear husband Peter, and we all send many thanks. The last few months have been very traumatic but your help has been invaluable."


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