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Michael was exposed to asbestos when he was employed by Wates and other building firms between about 1960 and about 1974. Michael instructed Andrew Morgan to bring in mesothelioma claim. 

Michael said that he had been exposed to asbestos when employed by Wates on the construction of 4 tower blocks at Broadmead Road, Woodford, North East London.

His work involved cutting up and finishing Asbestolux sheets. He also breathed in the dust that was raised into the air when labourers swept up the debris at the end of the day.

Solicitors for Wates said they had no record of Wates being involved in this construction project and so they denied liability.

Andrew made searches through the local reference libraries and found an article relating to the construction of the tower blocks at Broadmead Road which raised complaints regarding the quality of Wates’ work in 1971, when Michael said he was working there for them.

In the light of that evidence Wates paid Michael’s family full compensation for their mesothelioma claim.

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