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From 1962 to 1978 Leonard was employed as an apprentice engineer and as a projects engineer at YA&Y Ltd.  From time to time he worked near to thermal insulation engineers and asbestos sprayers and also workers who cut asbestos flues to size for installation, installed asbestos blankets in ceiling voids, installed gaskets including asbestos rope.  In November 2006 he was informed that he had mesothelioma.


After he first instructed Fieldfisher in January 2007, Rodney Nelson-Jones promptly travelled to see him at his home three days later and took a lengthy statement from him.  Sadly, he died in May before his own Court action could be concluded.  In January 2008, 12 months after being instructed, Rodney successfully settled his widow’s claim for £450,000. 


It is standard Fieldfisher practice to travel promptly to the homes of mesothelioma sufferers and take full and detailed statements from them.  These statements help to win their cases, whatever may happen to them later.


The case was funded throughout by no win no fee agreements, initially with Leonard and subsequently with his widow.


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