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Sixty-six year old Sarah had a dry throat and a chesty cough for a number of weeks. She had a bronchoscopy and a lung biopsy. This showed evidence of lung cancer.

Sarah opted to undergo chemotherapy as part of her treatment.

A few weeks later another doctor reviewed the bronchoscopy and lung biopsy and found no evidence of a malignant tumour. There was no cancer present in Sarah's lung.

But Sarah's hair had begun to fall out as a result of the treatment. She also had problems urinating and contracted a severe bacterial infection because her immune system was compromised during the treatment.

Sarah was also diagnosed with diabetes, although there was a history of diabetes in her family so it was unclear if the chemotherapy caused diabetes and it was likely that she would have developed diabetes at some point anyway.

Sarah instructed us to take a cancer misdiagnosis claim on her behalf. We negotiated a settlement of £20,000 for Sarah.

The case was taken on a "no win, no fee" basis and the defendant paid Sarah's legal fees.


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