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We recovered compensation for the family of Debbie Phillips who died last year from cervical cancer.

Debbie had at least five abnormal smears over the course of 15 years.


She was not diagnosed with cervical cancer until 2006, even though her first abnormal smear (reported as normal) was negligently reviewed as far back as 1990.

Four different defendants failed to identify the abnormal cells that were present on Debbie’s smear tests.

These were identified by medical experts when we investigated a delayed diagnosis claim.

Paul McNeil pursued Debbie’s claim. Our evidence found that if the cancer had been diagnosed, even as late as 2005, Debbie would have survived.

After her death, Debbie’s husband, Mark Phillips QC, continued the claim for her estate and the couple’s children.

At an approval hearing the court awarded an appropriate sum for the failure to diagnose cervical cancer. The claim was funded on a no win, no fee basis. 

After the case Mark said:

"Litigating over the death of Debbie, in the interests of our children, was very difficult. The team made it as pain free as possible.

"The acid test when any lawyer gets involved in litigation, is who you instruct when you are a party.

"Paul and the Bar team were the perfect choice".


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