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Samantha Critchley acted for Dana in a cancer diagnosis claim for a delay in diagnosing cancer in her right breast.

In July 1997, Dana was referred to the One Stop Breast Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital. She had a lump in her right breast, which had been present for two months.

A mammogram and ultrasound were performed. No tissue sample was taken of the right breast and Dana was discharged to her GP on the basis that all was well.

Although Dana continued to attend her GP, on the basis of the re-assuring advice given by the hospital, her concerns were dismissed until November 1999.

At an appointment at that time, the GP found a large firm swelling and referred her back to hospital.

This time the appropriate tests were undertaken and her breast cancer diagnosed. Dana underwent mastectomy, axillary node clearance, right breast reconstruction and further reconstructive surgery.

It was contended on behalf of Dana that the doctor who saw her in July 1997 at the hospital was not sufficiently qualified to discharge a patient and there was a failure to perform a triple assessment (to include a biopsy or fine needle aspiration) and follow-up Dana in the clinic.

As a result of the delay in diagnosis, Dana suffered an unnecessary mastectomy and psychiatric problems associated with this.

After extensive negotiations, Dana accepted £78,000 damages. Dana was pleased to receive a formal letter of apology and an admission of liability. The case was conducted on a no win, no fee basis.


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