Our team was nominated in the Pro Bono category at The Lawyer Awards in 2010 for successfully campaigning for compensation for British victims of terrorism abroad.

Personal injury partner Jill Greenfield has been heavily involved in the campaign along with Hogan Lovells, which finally saw the Government bring in a change in the law.

The Victims of Terrorism Overseas Compensation Scheme received Royal Assent as part of the Crime and Security Bill on 8 April 2010.

Previously British citizens caught up in terrorism abroad received little or no financial support upon their return to the UK. A four year campaign sought equal treatment to those caught up in bombings in the UK, such as the 7/7 bombing victims who received financial support via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. The new scheme will effectively extend the CICA Scheme.

Payments will also be made to victims of previous terrorist atrocities such as those in Mumbai, Turkey, Bali, Egypt and others.


When the scheme was announced Jill said:

"This has taken many years but finally financial support will be available to those injured abroad in terrorist atrocities. This is a massive achievement for the victims and all those involved in the campaign. It must be right that whilst the scheme is not retrospective, those involved in past atrocities should receive support on the same basis. We believe that there are over 50 such victims out there and we would urge those that have not been contacted by the government so far to come forward."