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Road Traffic Accident Claims

Every year, road traffic accidents cost thousands of lives, 40,000 serious injuries, three million NHS bed days, huge trauma, illness, and psychological problems.

At Fieldfisher we have one of the UK's leading Road Traffic Accident Injury teams in the UK. We are here to fight for you and to ensure that you have what you need to live your life with dignity.

The team is led by Jill Greenfield, who is rated Band 1 in Chambers legal directory 2016. The team is also in Band 1 in Legal 500 for its personal injury expertise.

Road traffic accident claims often involve extremely severe injuries. A moment's lapse of judgement can lead to terrible consequences for the injured victim and their family.


Fieldfisher has such fantastic lawyers fighting for victims and it is a real honour to be a part of the team. Jill Greenfield - Partner and Head of Serious Injury. Solicitors Journal Awards 2017 - Personal Injury Team of the Year Winner


Examples of our cases include

  • Veronika, a cyclist  who lost a leg when hit by a HGV
  • Peter, whose motorbike accident left him paralysed
  • Devbai, a pedestrian hit by a vehicle that mounted the pavement and suffered brain damage and serious limb injuries
  • Justine, a back seat passenger who was in a car with a driver who lost control and suffered major brain damage and a serious back injury
  • Miss X, a young child who suffered serious brain damage in a road traffic accident.

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 What we do

  • We will seek immediate financial help (interim payments) for you from the insurer of the vehicle at fault. We have good relationships with defendant insurers. We do not send letters and await a response, we get on the phone and we push your case forward ensuring that the insurers understand the severity of the situation.
  • If funds are not readily available we will issue proceedings and make a formal Court application for funds. We appreciate the pressing needs for you and your family and we will ensure that steps are taken early in your case.
  • We will seek to ensure that you have the best possible Rehabilitation and will oversee any programme in place for you.
  • We will arrange to have you seen by the top medical experts in the UK, ensuring that your injury is evaluated correctly and so that we know what the true long term impact is.


Specialist RTA solicitors

Road traffic accident claims we have handled successfully include accidents involving:


What you are able to claim for:

There will be various miscellaneous costs but the real cost to you and your family cannot be underestimated. We can obtain for the injured victim the following:
  • Damages for the injury itself, to reflect the pain and suffering.
  • Money to compensate for your loss of income.
  • Funds to pay for new and adapted housing.
  • Money to pay for therapists and professional carers.
  • Specialist equipment and IT to assist.
  • Specially adapted transport.
In a number of cases it may be the annual payments (guaranteed by the government) to pay for care will be the safest method of receiving damages and we ensure that the best long term financial structure is in place for you.


Recommended by charities and other organisations

We are recommended to victims of traffic accidents by special interest groups, charities and other organisations, including:

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