Professional Negligence Claims

Our personal injury solicitors are professional negligence claims specialists. Our dedicated lawyers have many years experience of pursuing successful claims against other solicitors for professional negligence.

We are one of the UK's leading personal injury law firms and our expertise and experience is a valuable resource to anyone seeking advice when they believe that their own solicitor has been negligent in the conduct of their personal injury claim.

We have successfully conducted professional negligence claims on a 'no win, no fee' basis arising out of many types of cases, including:

Most solicitors who give advice deal with their clients in an efficient and competent manner however there are times when things go wrong and at that point you may need to take advice from a team with professional negligence expertise.

To succeed in a claim for compensation for inadequate services you will have to prove that there existed a duty of reasonable skill and care which has been breached causing you to suffer financial loss.


Fieldfisher has such fantastic lawyers fighting for victims and it is a real honour to be a part of the team. Jill Greenfield - Partner and Head of Serious Injury. Solicitors Journal Awards 2017 - Personal Injury Team of the Year Winner


Our professional negligence claims expertise

Andrew Morgan, partner in our personal injury department, has specialised in professional negligence claims for many years.

For further information or if you believe you have a claim for professional negligence, please contact Andrew Morgan on 020 7861 4036 or email

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