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Acquired Brain Injury affects in the region of over 340,000 per year.  

For every person who suffers a brain injury there is a whole host of people around them who are also affected. The devastation of a brain injury is often far reaching. A moment in time can lead to a lifetime of change for those involved.

Led by Jill Greenfield, the brain injury legal team at Fieldfisher is committed to ensuring excellent outcomes for its clients, many of whom have suffered a life changing brain injury.

Essential to this is the need to ensure that the victim is given the correct Rehabilitation and treatment and which will enable them to regain their dignity and, so far as possible, their independence.

Our brain injury claims team has extensive experience pursuing claims for victims of negligence and is recognised in both Legal 500 and Chambers as a leading firm in this area.

The team represents victims of brain injury throughout the UK and Worldwide. We have pursued cases throughout Asia, Australasia, USA, South America and Europe.



Fieldfisher has such fantastic lawyers fighting for victims and it is a real honour to be a part of the team. Jill Greenfield - Partner and Head of Serious Injury. Solicitors Journal Awards 2017 - Personal Injury Team of the Year Winner


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Head and brain injuries can happen as a result of many accidents or incidents, including:


We come recommended

We are regularly recommended to families by other industry professionals in recognition of our expertise. We do not have financial relationships with insurance companies and we do not advertise on TV or radio. We are a niche practice in the City of London that has an International reputation and we are sought out by victims and their families on that basis.

We have recovered many millions of pounds for those most seriously affected. It should be noted of course that the funds that we obtain for people are based on "financial need". The term compensation is not a true reflection of the cases that we deal with. A victim and their family can never be truly compensated for the life changing impact of a brain injury. However what litigation can do is to help that person to pay for the care and help that they need on a daily basis. It can enable a person to:

  • Purchase adapted housing
  • Pay for professional care
  • Purchase treatment and therapy
  • Recover the income that the individual would have earned but for the accident
  • Purchase transport and equipment

This financial support gives the availability of choice in what is a new world where very often there is little or no choice.


Rehabilitation - Because Nothing is Impossible

Whilst initial emergency hospital care is often excellent, when that individual is about to leave the hospital setting or requires a less medical and more therapy bases package, what can be provided through the NHS can often be significant less than is actually available. The ability to use litigation to purchase that therapy and care can provide a significant boost to the individual who is working hard to recover their life and their independence.

When we are instructed the focus is on the client and their family. Fundamentally what would be of benefit to that victim and their family now. This can mean private care being provided in the NHS setting, it can mean renting property that enables the victim to accept care, it can mean a full package of rehabilitation experts working with that individual, or a stay in a privately funded rehabilitation hospital. At this early stage of the case the concentration has to be on ensuring that the person has what will truly benefit them. What is critical in all of this is capturing the individual in those early stages. Medical experts will tell you that the main rehabilitation progress is seen in the initial 2 years post injury.  What is truly amazing is seeing the difference that can be made in that period, and beyond, with a really excellent treating team.

Whilst everyone has to be realistic as to the ultimate goals, it is equally true that everyone has the right to maximise their recovery.



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Fighting for you

We appreciate the difficulties that many brain injured victims and their families face in the pursuit of litigation. We are concerned to ensure that we take the pressure off you and your family and deal with your brain injury claim as quickly as possible.

We work with a number of defendant insurers to ensure that money is provided to pay for rehabilitation. If funds are not provided voluntarily by that defendant insurer and we believe that there is a good case, we will issue proceedings and apply to the Court to order the defendant insurer to provide those funds.  We get to this point extremely quickly and at a time when the Court Processes can be slowed by red tape, we seek to cut through that for our clients.

We ensure that your case is handled expertly and use the country's leading experts in neurology, neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry to ensure that the Court understand the nuances of your injury. We often meet with the Defence to see if a settlement can be achieved but in doing so we fight hard for you and prepare our case on the basis that it will go to trial.

The lawyers in our team have huge experience of this process and are able to advise you as to the best way forward, always with an overall eye to the strategy of your case.



Christian talks about how his brain injury changed his life.


Our specialist team will ensure that you are advised on:

We are recommended by the brain injury charity Headway on their list of approved solicitors. Jill Greenfield is a trustee for Headway North London.

We work with Silverlining, a charity supporting those affected by Brain Injury.

We are also on the approved lawyers list for the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF), an organisation and charity which aims to promote the understanding of all aspects of acquired brain injury.


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