Xin Hu, Consultant, Telecommunication and Cybersecurity

Xin Hu, Consultant, Telecommunication and Cybersecurity, Fieldfisher


I am a consultant in the area of telecommunication and cybersecurity at Fieldfisher China.

I provide clients with technical and legal services in the communications industry, telecommunications technology and the internet. I have extensive experience working as a lawyer and also a communications technology expert.

I have also on a long term basis given technical and legal support to those operating in the internet security and filling management. I have worked with the communications administration department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, as well as China Mobile and China Telecom. Working with these organizations has provided me with a deep understanding of the internal working procedures and commercial concerns within the sector.

I am one of the very few people working in the Chinese communications sector to have not only a strong professional technical background but also a great wealth of experience in legal practice. I am dual qualified as a practicing Lawyer and as a Patent Agent.

In my spare time I enjoy reading.

My mother tongue is Chinese and I am also fluent in English.