Emma-Kate Hargreave, Costs Lawyer

Emma-Kate Hargreave, Costs Lawyer, Fieldfisher

I am a Costs Lawyer and Head of Costs Recovery. I deal with a wide range of issues arising from legal costs concerning both paying and receiving party matters.

I specialise in a variety of practice areas covering Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Technology, Personal Injury and Public and Regulatory Law.

I deal with all aspects of the costs management and detailed assessment process, including preparing Bills of Costs, Points of Reply, Points in Dispute and Precedent H Budgets, as well as acting in an advisory capacity, undertaking negotiations, advocacy, dealing with any technical queries and providing advice internally and externally on a variety of issues.

My primary focus is to recover the maximum costs I can for a receiving party client in the shortest timeframe practicable, to reduce costs to the minimum amount possible for a paying party and to provide clear and comprehensive advice on all aspects of the costs process.

I am a supportive member of the Association of Costs Lawyers and attend their costs conferences along with attending other costs conferences in order to keep up to date with new case law and procedural changes so that I continue to be best placed to advise my clients.

I have provided a number of training sessions for new and existing clients and I have also written a number of articles over the years.

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