Maud Grunchard, Of Counsel, Competition and EU Regulatory

Maud Grunchard, Of Counsel, Competition and EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher

I am Of Counsel in the competition and EU regulatory department, with over eight years' experience spent advising clients on EU regulatory and environmental law (REACH, biocides, pesticides, food additives, WEEE, RoHS, cosmetics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, machinery, etc.), as well as consumer protection, product safety and public health.

I have particular expertise in the EU agrochemical and biocidal sectors as well as commodity chemicals. I have assisted Task Forces with REACH and the Biocidal Products Regulation, including data sharing negotiations with third parties.

I have been involved in several cases before the European Courts in Luxembourg, including the first legal action against ECHA and the first action challenging an inclusion of a substance in the list of substances of very high concern.

I am the author of the article 'Controlled risk and authorisation: SVHC uses with OELVs should be exempt from authorisation' (Chemical Watch Briefing: Expert Focus, December 2012/January 2013, p. 16-17)

I am co-author of Oxford Journal of Environmental Law, October 2009: 'First ECJ Ruling on REACH: Choosing Registration over Exemption Case C-558/07, R (on the application of SPCM SA, CH Erbsloh KG, Lake Chemicals and Minerals Ltd, Hercules Inc.) v Secretary of States for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' and of Revue Européenne du Droit de la Consommation (REDC) 2009/ : 'Les possibilités de recours contre une norme technique dans l’Union européenne'.

I am a native French speaker, but I am also fluent in English and speak Dutch to a good level.

In my spare time I enjoy tennis, going to the cinema and playing with my little daughter.