Frances Everitt, Associate, Regulatory Lawyer

Frances Everitt, Associate, Regulatory Lawyer, Fieldfisher

I am a New Zealand qualified associate with a background in public law and commercial litigation.

I have particular experience advising clients (mostly central government departments) in relation to judicial review challenges, statutory appeals, inquiries, and government consultations. I am experienced in providing risk-based advice in relation to public decision-making. I have acted on high profile litigation, particularly in the environmental and education sectors, and in related issues in information law and human rights law.  I have acted for clients in the High Court, the Court of Appeal and in the First-Tier Tribunal.

I have a proactive and pragmatic approach and provide clear insight into the machinery of government. I am adept at managing complex, high-profile and highly political litigation. I enjoy developing strong relationships with clients and becoming a trusted advisor.  I have good instincts and I am a team player and a hard-working lawyer, with a developing public law litigation practice.

My past experience has involved working with government clients in relation to their policy making functions across a range of policy areas.  For example, I have advised a client in the environmental sector in relation to a high-profile challenge to air quality regulation.  I also have experience in education and child protection law, including working on disciplinary cases in relation to teachers, and in the regulation of independent schools.

I have worked with government clients, providing advice in relation to consultations and public decision-making, in order to improve the quality of such decision making. I have also successfully defended a number of important cases for government clients.  

I acted for a core participant in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, providing comprehensive advice across a number of the Inquiry’s investigation strands. I worked closely with this client to provide written and oral evidence to the Inquiry, and to advocate for the client’s interests in all aspects of the Inquiry.

I assisted in defending a judicial review challenge for a government client in relation to air quality regulation. I provided ongoing advice throughout the client’s consultation and policy development process in order to limit the scope for potential challenge, and assisted in all aspects of preparation for the hearing. 

Outside of work I enjoy travel, cooking, yoga and hiking. 


I acted for a central government client in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. This involved responding to a number of requests for information from the Inquiry, conducting a wide-ranging review of relevant documents, and preparing evidence to be provided to the Inquiry, as well as providing ongoing advice in relation to the client’s interests in the Inquiry’s work.

I acted for a central government client in an appeal by an independent school in relation to the Independent School Standards in the First-Tier Tribunal.

I acted for a central government client in relation to a potential challenge in relation to waste electrical equipment regulation, including providing advice to reduce the scope for future potential challenges in this sector.