Eleonor Duhs, Director, Technology, Outsourcing and Privacy

Eleonor Duhs, Director, Technology, Outsourcing and Privacy, Fieldfisher

I specialise in privacy and information law.  I was the UK Government’s lead lawyer in EU negotiations on the GDPR. 

I have extensive, in-depth knowledge of the GDPR, having represented the UK in meetings in Brussels.  I drafted text for inclusion in the legislation, and worked with the European Commission, representatives from other EU Member States, regulators and stakeholders to develop the regime.   I also have extensive experience of advising the UK Government on data protection and information law issues, including compliance and risk in high profile projects.

I have proven skills as a negotiator at EU and international level. Senior diplomats in negotiations at the UN described me as “an excellent addition to the team”. 

I enjoy working closely with clients to distil complex legal issues and provide pragmatic, practical solutions.  Clients have commented on my “very clear, logical” approach and have described me as “a real pleasure to deal with, always unflappable and good-humoured as well as professional”. 

As a senior Government lawyer I gained extensive experience of public and EU law.  In addition to my work on data protection and information law in the Ministry of Justice I worked in the Department for Exiting the European Union where I led on aspects of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the Withdrawal Agreement and the framework for the future UK-EU relationship.  I was the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s lead lawyer on the European Union (Referendum) Act 2015.  I have also represented the UK at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

I am an experienced public speaker.  For example, I have given presentations on the GDPR to UK Government Departments and in Brussels.  As lead lawyer on the European Union (Referendum) Act 2015 I gave a presentation on the UK’s EU referendum to the EU Commission’s Director General in charge of the UK Task Force and his team and the head of the Council Legal Service in Brussels.  I have also made statements on behalf of the UK at the UN in Geneva.

In my spare time I enjoy tennis, literature and theatre. 

Bilingual Swedish.  Fluent German.  Conversational French.