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Private healthcare can cover almost every area of treatment. The standards expected of private doctors are exactly the same as would be expected of doctors working within the NHS. Unfortunately, the fact that the treatment has been paid for does not mean that doctors always meet these standards and serious errors do occur. These include errors as a result of surgery, as well as claims arising from care received in hospitals for various conditions including cancer, child birth, injury to children, brain injury, spinal injury, delayed diagnosis and private general practitioner claims.


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In most respects clinical negligence claims against private healthcare providers are similar to those against the NHS.  However, there are a number of key differences:

  • It is important to consider who the correct defendant is in private healthcare claims.  It can be the case that a private hospital is owned by another company.  On occasion, treatment will appear to have been provided by the NHS but will actually have been provided by a private organisation. 
  • Individual clinicians often have their own private medical indemnity insurers.  These companies will manage the litigation on behalf of the doctor.  In all of these circumstances, it is essential that the claim is brought against the correct individual or organisation. 
  • In private healthcare the patient often has a contract directly with the healthcare provider.  Sometimes the private doctor or hospital may even guarantee a certain outcome for the patient.  In these situations, it may be more appropriate to bring a claim based on the terms of this contract (or any guarantee that has been offered)
  • The question of whether a patient has given proper consent to a particular treatment can be more of an issue in circumstances where a particular procedure has been “sold” to a patient.  This should be considered carefully.
  • If a patient has been injured as a result of negligent medical treatment in the UK, it may be possible to bring a clinical negligence claim in the UK no matter where he or she actually lives.


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Our medical negligence team has a great deal of experience with claims against private healthcare providers.   We bring a wealth of expertise to these case and we have achieved settlements against numerous private medical practitioners and hospitals in London and across the UK.  They can be complex be we have the experience to investigate and win these claims for you.


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