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Our medical negligence solicitors specialise in paediatrics negligence. Our specialist solicitors have secured compensation in many cases where children have been the victim of medical and clinical negligence.


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Types of Paediatric Negligence

Paediatric claims arise out of mistakes in the treatment of children. There are a number of ways in which children can be injured due to paediatric negligence including:

  • Birth injuries
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • General medicine
  • Delay in diagnosis of a congenital or developmental hip dysplasia resulting in permanent injury.
  • Neonatology - dealing with diseases and illnesses in the first few weeks and months of life
  • Neurology - dealing with nervous system conditions such as epilepsy, brain injury, hypoxia
  • Endocrinology - dealing with hormone problems in children including diabetes, thyroid problems and growth problems.
  • Development - dealing with learning disability and physical disability.
  • Failure to promptly identify, diagnose and treat serious and fast acting infections such as meningitis, septicaemia, osteomyelitis and tuberculosis
  • Failure to diagnose and treat asthmatic attacks or more chronic illnesses such as childhood diabetes or epilepsy
  • Failure to identify and recognise the significance of headaches and/or deteriorating sight leading to delays in diagnosis of tumours
  • Maladministration of drugs and drug doses which can result in permanent disability and sometimes death, to include chemotherapy treatment
  • Failure to correctly identify and treat fractures, which can if left undiagnosed, present a long-term consequence with uneven or abnormal bone growth
  • Complications from tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  • Undiagnosed seizure disorders (infantile spasms, epilepsy and pyridoxine deficiency)
  • Improper treatment of leukaemia


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Birth injury due to oxygen depravation

A large number of medical negligence claims involving children relate to the treatment provided to them, often during labour or at the time of their birth. Injury is often linked to the circumstances surrounding labour and delivery and can include oxygen depravation, injury caused by delayed instrumental delivery, or inappropriate application, or excessive traction, when using forceps or ventouse. These types of cases often involve varying degrees of brain injury, skull fractures, Erb's palsy and facial palsy. More information on this type of injury can be found on our birth injury section.

There is another category of medical negligence claim involving children which arises from errors in treatment and delays in diagnosing typical childhood conditions, illnesses and infections. If these conditions are left untreated for any time then a permanent disability or death is very possible. Young children are particularly at risk of injury arising out of delayed diagnosis and incorrect treatment, as they often can't communicate how they feel and often their symptoms are overlooked.


Medical negligence involving children

Paediatric negligence claims are not limited to negligence by a paediatrician. If your general practitioner, obstetrician, nurse, orthopaedic surgeon or any healthcare provider has been negligent in treating your child resulting in an injury, then your child may be eligible for compensation.


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