GP Negligence Claims

General practice claims arise out of medical negligence on the part of a general practitioner (GP). Our medical negligence solicitors have successfully pursued cases against GPs for negligence. Whilst rare, GP negligence can be just as costly and cause serious injuries as any other type of medical negligence.


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If you think you, or a member of your family has suffered due to  GP Negligence, our specialist team of solicitors can help you recover the compensation you and your family deserve, Call us today or start your claim online and we will call you back.


Some of the most common reasons for GP negligence claims include:

Many people feel that they aren't able to pursue a claim against their GP either through loyalty or because of difficulties in registering with a new GP, who will not know your medical history. But a victim of GP Negligence is just as likely to require the care and assistance or financial recompense as a victim of hospital negligence.


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GP negligence claims

Our expert team of solicitors have a vast amount of experience dealing with and settling GP negligence claims. However your claim has arisen we will provide you with advice in relation to the liability of your GP and your prospects of success of bringing a medical negligence case.


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