We recovered £475,000 in an anaesthetic negligence claim for the widow of John who died as a result of an anaesthetists error


Anaesthetic Negligence Claims

Our medical negligence solicitors have extensive experience of anaesthetic errors. We have concluded many anaesthetic error claims on a 'no win, no fee' basis.

Many surgical procedures are carried out under anaesthetic to reduce or prevent pain during an operation. The anaesthetic is always administered by a trained anaesthetist. There are two types of anaesthetics:

  • general: the patient is made unconscious
  • local: the area of the body being treated is numbed


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Anaesthetic error claims

Most anaesthetic error claims arise from anaesthetic errors made by the anaesthetist during surgery. These mistakes can be minor but some can have devastating effects.

The injuries that can occur because of anaesthetic error include:

  • Brain damage due to a failure to correctly intubate (keep the patients' airways open) and the patient doesn't receive enough oxygen

  • The patient feeling pain because the anaesthetic administered was ineffective (anaesthetic awareness)

  • Nerve injuries through negligent damage caused by injections, epidurals and nerve blocks

We have extensive experience in acting for patients who have been the victims of medical mishaps due to substandard care and treatment by the anaesthetist or because of equipment failure or because of inappropriate treatment in intensive care.  


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Brain damage due to anaesthetic error

Some patients suffer devastating brain damage and strokes through anaesthetic error during surgery due to either anaesthetist error or equipment failure.

The risk to the brain is unfortunately not limited to the operating room. Generally, in the post-operative period, it is broadly true that the longer somebody spends on one or more physiological support systems, the higher the risk of some form of neurological deficit.


Anaesthetic Awareness

Sometimes patients find themselves conscious during an operation that is being performed under general anaesthetic. The experience of pain as well as helplessness can be traumatic and can lead to significant psychological injuries.

Our medical negligence team have many years experience of taking claims on behalf of clients who have been conscious during surgery.


Nerve Injuries

Other injuries arise when anaesthetic is wrongly injected into the spinal cord or damage is caused to nerves during the course of giving injections. Some of these injuries can cause serious pain and disability.


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