Amputation Claims

Losing a limb is a traumatic and life changing experience, which will affect all aspects of your life. At Fieldfisher, our team of expert medical negligence solicitors understand that a compensation claim is just the beginning and that the real work begins in ensuring you receive appropriate rehabilitation in order to aid your recovery.

This is why at Fieldfisher we draw on our decades of amputation claims experience to enable our clients to receive the best possible care and rehabilitation, whether that is in the UK or even abroad. We have assisted numerous amputees over the years, ranging from transtibial (below the knee) amputees, through the knee amputees, transfemoral (above the knee) amputees, as well as those who have suffered from upper limb amputations to fingers, hands and arms.

Our commitment to amputee claims can best be seen by two recent initiatives. Firstly we are delighted to announce that we are sponsorship GB paratriathlete Andy Lewis. Andy, aged 32, lost his leg in a road traffic accident when he was only 16. After years of struggling he decided to take up triathlon in 2012. He is now one of the top paratriathletes in the world and is expecting to represent Team GB at the Rio Paralympics in the Summer of 2016.


Andy Lewis (4)

Andy Lewis


Secondly, we are proud to have been appointed as a panel firm for The Limbless Association, the leading UK charity for people with limb-loss.


Limbless Association


In the past few years we have secured the highest reported settlement for an above the knee amputee, have sent clients to Sweden and Australia for revolutionary osseointegration treatment and continue to achieve substantial settlements for our amputee clients. For more information about some of the results we have achieved for our clients please click on the link to our dedicated amputee claims brochure, below.


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How we help

Helping your through the trauma after the loss of your limb is just the beginning. We have more experience than any other UK firm in securing recoveries that have led to ongoing international treatments and the availability of pioneering technologies which have made real differences to our clients' quality of life as well as providing them with significantly improved functionality.


Recovering your loss

As with all Fieldfisher personal injury claims, our solicitors fight tirelessly to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for all claims. Such compensation will ensure that you and your family are financially secure should you not be able to work in the future and will pay for the rehabilitation or care you may need moving forward.


Helping you adjust after your amputation

Losing a limb is inevitably a hugely frustrating and upsetting time, not just for you but also for your family. You will need to adjust all aspects of your life and simple tasks which were once straightforward will initially at least now be difficult or near impossible without the correct adjustments and assistance. Adjusting is a process where there is much change, from your home, to the way you travel. Our solicitors at Fieldfisher will ensure that you will have the correct adjustments in place to allow you the best quality of life.

Our support includes:

  • Your physical and emotional rehabilitation
  • Ensuring you are moved to suitably adapted property or that your existing property is modified to ensure your safety and comfort
  • Specialised equipment and services that fit around your abilities
  • Regular care, support and assistance
  • Medical treatments and private therapies
  • The best in prosthetic technologies including, where appropriate, Osseointegration


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