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We are one of the UK’s leading legal practices for medical negligence cases and our medical negligence solicitors have unrivaled experience in dealing with accident and emergency legal claims on a 'no win, no fee' basis. We regularly see just how deeply mistakes made in A&E departments can affect people’s lives.

Accident and emergency departments deal with medical emergencies and are the frontline of care for patients who attend hospital.


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Accident and Emergency Competency

Accident and Emergency treatment is fast moving and it is important that a competent department has adequate risk assessment measures in place to ensure that staff are properly trained to deal with common emergencies and that adequate medical care is given.

The range of issues handled by accident and emergency staff is vast and often their role is to assess and transfer patients in need of further care to a specialist department. Often staff deal with patients in an urgent manner and with limited medical history.

It is essential that all staff in accident and emergency departments are highly trained and flexible in terms of how they deal with patients in their care.


Accident and Emergency Claims

While most patients attending accident and emergency departments receive the correct treatment, occasionally things can go wrong.

Our specialist medical negligence team have successfully pursued a wide variety of accident and emergency compensation, including cases for:

  • Lack of examination
  • Failure to diagnose fractures
  • Failure to diagnose acute conditions such as appendicitis or epiglotitis
  • Missed diagnosis of a serious condition where the patient has presented with non-specific symptoms such as headache or generalised pain, and been discharged with painkillers
  • Patients presenting with diffuse symptoms such as headache or generalised pain can often be overlooked and sent home with advice to take painkillers when they are suffering from a more serious illness
  • Delay in diagnosing meningitis, often with devastating consequences
  • Failure to initiate correct diagnostic tests and scans


Medical Negligence Compensation

The standard of care by which the actions of A&E staff are judged in the context of a claim for compensation is whether the care fell below that of a reasonably competent practitioner.


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