Our public and administrative law team advises both private and public sector clients on a wide range of administrative and constitutional law issues that arise during any kind of public-private transactions or projects. Our work covers complex PPP structures (like DBFM/O, joint affiliates, concessions of works or services), public procurement contracts, real estate transactions (including sale, lease, long term lease, building rights), financial transactions (loans, derivatives, securitization) with or involving public authorities or entities, and privatisations or reorganisations of public companies.

Our public law lawyers team up with our banking, real estate, corporate and tax lawyers, guaranteeing an integrated approach for issues involving the public sector. As we work for both public and private sectors, we have a good understanding of both the public constraints and the financial and commercial concerns, allowing us to deliver commercial solutions, particularly in terms of risk allocation.

Our team includes regulatory experts in pharma, communications, energy and transport, and works closely with our colleagues in areas including competition and EU regulatory, transport and intellectual property. That’s how we deliver tailored public, administrative and regulatory advice.

Integration with the firm’s public and administrative London group allows our Belgian team to import creative solutions adopted in the UK into the Belgian market. In particular, our Belgian public procurement team benefits from the unique experience of the London team in terms of framework agreements and competitive dialogues.


Public Procurement and Administrative Law's activity stream