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When we started advising on outsourcing over 20 years ago, a company would outsource its entire IT operation to a single supplier in order to save costs.

Since then we've seen multi-sourcing, the rise of offshoring, insourcing, ASP, BPO, transformational outsourcing, every conceivable function being outsourced and any number of benefits realised.  Most recently, we've seen the rise of the systems integrator, the need to rationalise the outsourcing process and the emergence of shared service centres.

Our outsourcing team is at the forefront of industry developments and has been appointed to some of the most high profile and high value outsourcings in Europe – for both customers and suppliers. We advise on the entire outsourcing life-cycle, from initial strategy to contract negotiation through to mid-term reviews, renegotiations and exits. We advise in heavily regulated industries, such as the utilities sector, financial services sector, public sector and telecoms sector.

We've amassed a wealth of experience as to what's worked in the past and what businesses often overlook. As a result, our legal advice is highly commercial in nature. We focus on what's important to you. We're not keen on legal theories that have no practical impact. We roll up our sleeves and get the job done – however complex, however critical.

And if you've got to be stuck in a room with a lawyer at 2am during closing negotiations, we're quite a nice lot too!

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