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Our first class leading specialists have counselled many of the world's leading organisations on the commercialisation of new technologies. When entering new markets innovative use of technology is critical to competitive advantage, and our contribution can make all the difference.

For example, we recently helped one of the world's largest IT companies overcome barriers to entry it had experienced in cloud services. Many of its customers were raising regulatory concerns hampering cloud adoption, including trust in third party security, EU data privacy and potential government access to data. We supported their sales process, as we have with many vendors, by working with them to produce a white paper explaining their solution and how it supported their customers' compliance. The paper drove a significant increase in traffic to their website in the week it was published and immediately gained traction with their customers.

We helped build the market in digital TV and on demand content acting for Digital UK, Freesat, Red Bee, the BBC and other market players.

We help the industry to build approaches to open source and open architectures, to develop interactive and on-demand TV solutions and to create and manage joint collaborations.

Our team helps entrepreneurs to create new markets from crowd funding to new apps; and supports some of the biggest global players' entry into areas such as innovative cloud solutions and 'bring your own device'.

Over the last 20 years our people have pioneered the way in mobile, networks, cloud, security, the web, mobile money, digital media, device consumerisation, data exploitation, green technologies, games and a wealth of key developments in technology.

Today we continue to break into fresh territory, pioneering exploitation of big data in pharmaceuticals, developing online games platforms, working with publishers and FMCG companies on mobile apps and developing mobile payment solutions for telcos and technology providers.

In every case, our lawyers bring a wealth of experience and tested solutions coupled with an ability to innovate, find solutions and provide practical guidance.

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