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Property transactions can create extremely complex tax problems. We guide clients through the minefields of Value Added Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings, Capital Allowances and Capital Gains Tax consequences of property transactions, including structuring.

VAT and SDLT are not linked to profits – they are transactional and turnover taxes. So there can be very significant cash costs in the context of property transactions. The SDLT regime in particular contains a number of traps that can catch overseas investors in the UK. 

We have decades of experience in advising on the tax aspects of major property deals. We have devised and successfully implemented a number of innovative and complex tax planning arrangements for the acquisition and development of property and indirect investments.


 Notable deals / highlights

  • Advised on a JV structure for a listed company concerning the construction of sports facilities on school grounds.

  • Provided VAT and SDLT advice to a leading university on property acquisitions and lettings.

  • Worked with HMRC drafting part of Finance Act 2008 to ensure that Danish funds investing in UK property did not incur a double charge to SDLT.


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