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Regulators have to follow specific procedures and be aware of relevant case law when holding conduct or fitness to practise hearings. Without proper training for panel chairmen, legal assessors, case investigators and panel and committee members, they become open to legal challenge.

We have lawyers with experience in designing bespoke training for committee or panel members, including lay or professional members, legal assessors and advisers to committees and panels and those who investigate and prepare cases for hearing.

Our trainers have many years of experience with all aspects of investigating and presenting conduct and fitness to practise cases, as well as sitting as legal assessors and advisers themselves, and so are able to draw on experience from both sides of the hearing room.

We deliver training programmes specifically designed for regulators and their employees. We have assisted clients with training and written guidance on the application and consequences of their legislation or codes and rules, and we train staff at all levels, with individually tailored programmes in every case.

We provide instruction on topics such as the public interest; the role and expected behaviour of committee members; hearings procedures; decision making; drafting determinations; principles and practices of good questioning; ensuring fairness; case law updates; coping with the unexpected at hearings; sanctions; absence of respondent; admissibility of evidence and conflicting evidence; mitigation; standard and burden of proof; appeals; and chairmanship skills.

We have deep working knowledge of the regulatory frameworks in industries such as life sciences and healthcare; technology, media and telecommunications; transport; sport and the public sector.

Chambers UK 2013 says the firm ‘has long had a reputation for being one of the best in this market’, adding ‘they are very thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable about the regulatory world we inhabit'.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Provide regular training for the Fitness to Practise Panel members of the General Optical Council, including tailored sessions looking at lessons learned from their own cases.
  • Developed and delivered a training course for the General Pharmaceutical Council that had a number of entry points. We provided basic training for individuals who were entirely new to regulatory work and required a full induction and training, and offered modified modules to existing and experienced panel members.
  • Provided training to the licensing committee and executive licensing panel members of the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority.
  • Provided training to staff of a Statutory Licensing Body on judicial review so that individuals understood when an organisation may be subject to such challenge, particularly looking at how to avoid challenge and to be ready if challenged in terms of good decision making and record keeping.