Ever since Nomura asked Waterhouse & Co to advise on its set-up as a Licensed Deposit Taker in London in the early 1980s, our firm has championed inward investment from all over the world, with around 40% of our turnover coming from outside the UK.

The lawyers in our inward investment group come from every specialisation and bring a refreshing responsiveness and quality to everything they do. In addition to our own offices we have affiliations with law firms in America, the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Whether our client requires a small set-up, a major investment, or has intellectual property, litigation or capital market needs, we can help. Our work covers initial advice, considering whether there is a need for entity formation to protect the overseas company, looking at the possible engagement of a consultant to provide traction on sales prior to the start-up, choice of country location and type of entity, immigration to the chosen country, and setup of entity and regulatory maintenance for the entity.

We also advise on methods of trading, employment advice, planning and compliance, employment offer letters and contracts, confidentiality and proprietary information agreements, stock options, contract or license localisation and identifying European overriding provisions, website review, privacy and information , real estate issues and trade mark, copyright and patent protections.

We help our clients obtaining local licenses prior to trade, and make introductions to bookkeepers, payroll advisors, accountants, banks, and other service providers. At a later stage, we can help reviewing tax structures and privacy issues in order to choose the country location for the European headquarters, advising on UK patent box reviews, M&A/joint ventures and EU competition laws, venture capital and private equity backing, obtaining overseas security for lenders, capital markets, international securities transactions and financial services regulations, fund formation and dispute resolution.

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