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Good businesses are built on trust. We know that you have to share your knowhow, confidential information and trade secrets with employees and business partners in order to build your business, and so we understand how damaging it can be for your business when trust is breached.

For many years our IP team has been acting for and advising Vestergaard Frandsen, the claimant in one of the leading and biggest confidential information disputes going on in the world today. The dispute involves litigation in multiple jurisdictions around the world and has been fought to the highest level. In addition, we have acted in numerous other matters relating to trade secrets, knowhow and confidential information. It is no exaggeration to say that we have explored all aspects of this area of law in greater detail than any other European firm.

We understand that the betrayal of trust by partners, employees and those with whom you do business can pose a big commercial and sometimes emotional challenge. We can help you act to prevent your confidential information being commercially exploited in competition against you, and to prevent it being disseminated further to a wider public, and we can support you through the process of recovering the damage caused to your business.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Acting for Vestergaard Frandsen, a multinational disease control company, in long-running technical trade secrets litigation in the UK concerning secret chemical formulas for insecticidal mosquito nets. After establishing breach of confidence in the High Court, a decision upheld by the Court of Appeal, a substantial inquiry into damages is now pending to be heard in June 2014. We are also assisting in paralll proceedings in France and India that are intertwined with the UK litigation.

  • Educated many of our clients on the value of confidential information and provided them with the tools to ensure as far as possible that such information remains secret.

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