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Brand owners are often the victims of their own success: the more successful a product, the more likely it is that it will be coveted by the consumer and targeted by counterfeiters, and the greater the risk of damage to the brand owner's intellectual property.

Counterfeiting and piracy can never be eradicated but the greatest deterrent to infringers is if your business is proactive in its anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy strategy. Steps can be taken to identify the manufacturers, importers, distributors, sellers, re-sellers and purchasers of counterfeit or pirate goods and appropriate action can be taken.

We advise on designing and implementing strategies to prevent counterfeiting and piracy. We work in conjunction with your business, specialist investigators and government agencies to achieve a cost effective and coordinated resolution.

In addition to our experience of dealing with traditional trade routes, after many years of helping clients with issues relating to the internet, we are also well placed to advise on online anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy protection. This includes the use of technology to monitor the internet and identifying online sales of counterfeit or pirated goods and infringing content, locating sellers and supply chains, and identifying jurisdiction and procedure for enforcement action.

Counterfeiting and piracy is a global problem. The digital age has brought with it many challenges and seemingly knows no boundaries. We work with a close network of international specialists to advise on issues relating to their jurisdictions and together we offer a truly global solution to your problems.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Worked with a multinational technology corporation, for whom we record their IPRs with Customs authorities throughout Europe, to ensure counterfeit goods are seized in all EEA Member States. We also liaise with HM Revenue & Customs in England and Wales to ensure the seizure of counterfeit and pirated products.

  • Worked with a global mobile phone manufacturer to prevent the supply and sale of counterfeit and pirate accessories. We helped our client identify the scale of their problem and the financial implications for their business, before developing and implementing an enforcement programme. We educated Customs/Trading Standards, which led to a significant increase in their activities, and in addition took action against vendors throughout the supply chain, identifying a number of manufacturers in the Far East, allowing enforcement measures to be taken in the relevant jurisdictions.

  • Instructed by a film production and distribution company to prevent the unlawful uploading of a new film onto the internet. We worked with specialist investigators to identify the uploaders and applied to the US Court for disclosure of their addresses from their internet service providers. Enforcement action was then taken.

  • Protected the brands of a celebrity couple by coordinating action in jurisdictions across the globe to reduce the circulation of counterfeit and pirated products.

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