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For companies considering expansion via franchising, we can provide a strategic assessment and advice that includes on whether it is a suitable option.

To help entrepreneurs and businesses determine whether franchising is right, or what franchise structures are potentially suitable, we have devised a simple set of questions to help better understand your needs and requirements.

Like all business sectors, franchising has its own jargon and terminology. To simplify the jargon, we have created a Franchise Dictionary to define some common franchise terms.

We have also included a set of Frequently Asked Questions to provide further information and guidance on key franchise issues that need to be considered.

If you believe franchising is suitable for your business, please view our UK Franchising or International Franchising page.

For those businesses where franchising is not suitable, we can advise on alternative ways to grow and routes to market for products and services. These include licensing, distribution, agency, supply, e-commerce and joint venture arrangements. Please see our agency, distribution and multi-channel strategies page.

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