Many financial institutions are reviewing their structures and their means of operating. We have acted for a number of financial institutions on the reorganisation of the corporate structure of their UK, European and worldwide businesses, including reorganisations using Court schemes under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

We advise on the documentation required internally to establish new subsidiaries or branches and to get them authorised and passported where needed. Our tax and financial services teams provide the tax and regulatory advice that is now an integral part of almost all reorganisations, and is often the driver.

We work on the implementation of the reorganisation, from the arrangements and documentation with counterparties and customers to the transfer of businesses from one or more entities to another. This can involve complex issues, especially as transactions and products become increasingly diverse.

Often there are cross-border implications to consider, even on the implementation in the UK of what perhaps is, under a foreign law at least, a relatively straightforward matter of universal succession.

For reorganisations with an international dimension, we have long-standing relationships with Japanese, US and other overseas law firms. We will ensure you get the best advice and local experience.

Condor Flight

Our alternative legal solutions platform provides clients with customisable and process efficient services including data extraction and analytics, large scale documentation products and trading documentation.

Our flexible resourcing solution, CondorFlight Senior Lawyers, provides legal support by the hour or by the day without the need to instruct a law firm.

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