Outside of the divorce courts, the most bitter disputes are often between shareholders. Limited companies can bring together relative strangers, and while often these relationships are long and happy, others are punctuated by rows, infidelity and, ultimately, divorce.

What do you do when you have been sacked as a director of the company you founded? What if your minority fellow shareholder is blocking growth hoping to be bought out? What action can you take when you believe your fellow director has set up a competing business? We have the legal knowledge and strategic expertise to advise.

Our experts have acted for majority and minority shareholders, for directors and for interested third parties. In some cases disputes can be settled through sensible negotiation; on other occasions only tough action wins the day. Our lawyers have won cases at trial and settled cases by negotiation and mediation.

Disputes between shareholders are intricate and can involve numerous points of law and punchy court applications, including freezing assets across the globe. We have experience in dealing with shareholder disputes at home and abroad.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Assisted a small tech company settle a shareholder claim through mediation so that the company can focus its management and staff on growing the business.

  • Represented a southern African oil company pursuing shareholder litigation through the courts in England, South Africa and Mauritius, winning in each jurisdiction.

  • Advised numerous companies buying out difficult shareholders at a low price.

  • Obtained an injunction preventing majority shareholders from voting, contrary to a voting agreement, to dilute a minority shareholder.

  • Acted for majority shareholders in a dispute with minority shareholders over the strategic direction of a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of production line equipment.

Expertise spotlight