Any company can be confronted with risk if its products turn out to be defective. And any person can be subject to harm caused by a defective product. Legal disputes concerning defective products have increased considerably in recent years, and while the European Directive on Defective Products 1985 has been transposed into law in most European countries, alongside regulatory consistency have come peculiarities for different countries, which the lawyers in our practice are used to dealing with.

Our experts knowhow to handle these issues in all the fields impacted, whether industrial equipment, medicine or medical devices. Our experts can assist you if a product recall is deemed necessary, or if a legal action is brought before any court.

Defective products may impact the image of the company involved. Our lawyers are able to assist you in handling crisis communication and help you anticipate the impact of media rumours and deal with the press.

We work closely with our clients to understand their industries and businesses and to obtain satisfying results as their key partners.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Represented pharmaceuticals laboratories and manufacturers of medical devices in respect of allegations that defective medicine or medical devices posed a risk to patient safety.

  • Represented numerous manufacturers of industrial equipment in actions by end users.

  • Act for one of the world's largest retailers in relation to product safety issues arising in the course of its sales.

  • Advised a major European engineering business on product safety issues arising out of its construction and engineering business.

Expertise spotlight