Health and safety is a vital issue for any company. Get it wrong and the fallout in terms of share price or legal consequences can be immense.

A company must have proper health and safety policies and a genuine health and safety culture. That culture must be driven from the top downwards. Our lawyers are experienced in preparing and reviewing health and safety policies, and they understand their importance and the necessity of proper risk assessment procedures.

When the inevitable accident happens, the potential for civil and criminal litigation is high. Proper safety planning will be your first line of defence. Our lawyers have been involved in defending many civil and criminal investigations, claims and prosecutions.

The reputational impact is another important issue to be dealt with should a problem arise. This goes wider than customer issues and also includes dealing with the press. Difficult judgements have to be made about what to say and whether to try to prevent the publication of information. This is another area in which our lawyers have great experience and is part of our overall approach – we ensure that every aspect is covered.

We offer clients a before and after-the-event service, providing a one-stop-shop to deal with all your health and safety issues.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Advised a US company bringing a device designed to prevent terrorist contamination of water to the European market, helping it to understand the effect of EU safety legislation.

  • Advised a multinational oil and gas company launching a new consumer motor oil product throughout Europe, South America and China, dealing with relevant safety legislation in all launch countries.
  • Acted for a well-known travel company subject to cross-border investigations as a result of overseas deaths.

  • Advised the manufacturer of exploding candles on a product recall.

  • Provided ongoing advice to a client in the diet programmes market, including on complicated health and safety issues and reputational issues.

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