FeeSolve is a unique, innovative risk management and funding package for commercial claims.

FeeSolve is designed to give clients certainty in relation to costs and reduce the financial risks of bringing a claim, by offering a variety of alternative funding arrangements.

Our FeeSolve products have been available to clients since 2013, when such funding arrangements were extremely novel.

Fieldfisher FeeSolveSince then, clients have enthusiastically embraced the flexibility and transparency offered by FeeSolve and Fieldfisher continues to be a pioneer in litigation funding and insurance – constantly developing and adapting our offering to anticipate and meet the needs of the litigation market.

How it works

FeeSolve is a collection of funding products, insurance policies and fee arrangements curated by Fieldfisher to suit your individual needs.

We promise to work with clients to find a way to make the financials work for them.

 The FeeSolve portfolio includes:

  • Damages Based Agreements (DBA)
  • Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA)
  • Third Party Funding (TPF)
  • Insurance for Before and After the Event (BTE/ATE)

Read more about the various funding products, insurance policies and fee arrangements.

Download the FeeSolve Brochure

Why use FeeSolve?

Historically, litigation funding and insurance has been taken out by those who want to pursue a claim, but lack the cash flow to pay legal fees.

But litigation funding and insurance can be also be used to support other objectives, such as:

  • Individuals or businesses with a cautious approach to risk;
  • Businesses wishing to make the most of their legal budget; and/or
  • To take the cost of funding litigation off the company balance sheet.


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