Every company must protect its business secrets and client relationships. Departing employees need something to give their new employers and often they take with them more than simply their skills and experience.

Our experts obtain urgent injunctions against former employees and competitors. This stops the abuse of a company's confidential information and prevents unfair competition. Where the damage has already been done, we recover compensation for employers.

We also act for employees accused of stealing business secrets and for their new employers. There is a line between fairly protecting the business and unfairly preventing competition. Everyone has a right to earn a living. We have considerable experience in advising senior employees on what they can and can't do and in defending unreasonable claims made by former employers.

Whichever side of the employment relationship you are on, with our specialist expertise and using the skill sets of our employment and pensions advisory team, we can help you to navigate this complex area of law to protect your interests.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Advised an international company on multi-jurisdictional claims in relation to allegations of misuse of a competitor's confidential information.
  • Assisted senior figures in the advertising and executive recruitment sectors to start companies in competition with former employers, fairly taking their clients with them.

  • Advised a senior employee on his post-termination restrictive covenants and exit strategy.

  • Advised a senior ex-employee in the entertainment industry in relation to allegations of breach of contract in connection with disputed customer contact lists and database rights.

  • Advised and represented a whistle-blowing finance director in relation to the alleged misuse of confidential information to expose wrongdoings at the company.