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There is a fine line between what is right and wrong in defamation.

Everybody should have the right to protect his or her reputation from unjustified attacks – whether from competitors or in the press. Individuals and businesses can spend years building up good reputations. They should not be shot down in an instant by untrue and malicious rumours.

But on the other hand, why should you be prevented from giving your opinion or telling the truth, even the unpalatable truth?  The trouble is knowing your way around the laws of defamation and making sure that you are on the right side of the line is difficult.

The internet has provided a unique platform for defamation. An individual can instantly access an audience of millions, encouraged to be as controversial as possible by a cloak of anonymity. Those businesses that host such comments need to know the rules to avoid getting caught up in someone else's argument and incurring a liability as a result. Individuals and businesses attacked by trolls need to knowhow to protect themselves.

Our defamation specialists have appeared on TV, radio and in the press giving expert views on defamation matters. Our cases have changed the law.

We help to ensure that our clients get it right.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Our client was hours from being named in an article in a national newspaper that alleged she was about to be charged with manslaughter. It was untrue, so we got an injunction to stop it.

  • One of our clients is a member of the royal family of a European Country. We acted for them dealing with inaccurate stories on a French TV channel.

  • One of our clients was to be the subject of a very negative article in the national press. After discussions with us, the newspaper instead printed a positive article, generating free publicity for our client.

  • Our client is one of the world's largest booksellers. It was sued for a defamatory book review. We succeeded in defending the claim.

  • As a premiership footballer, our client is a popular target for the press. We have successfully acted for him in various proceedings against newspapers and websites.

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