Cyber crime is continuously evolving. Preparing the right response needs to be equally creative and proactive. Although most potential threats are external - malware, ransomware, web-based attacks, data breaches, botnets, phishing, spam, espionage, identity theft - there is also the insider threat, either malicious or accidental.

Being prepared means being cyber resilient: planning ahead for an emergency before an incident occurs so that it does not become a full-blown crisis. We help clients to establish the right governance and training that will minimise the impact of cyber incidents, as well as advising on compliance issues. Our cyber security team can help you to develop a bespoke cyber strategy that is exactly right for your needs.

Trying to plan for every eventuality is difficult and challenging, especially when the complete elimination of cyber risk is impossible. We have considerable experience in helping clients to become fully prepared by designing strategies and implementing plans that focus on managing and minimising risk at every stage. For example, we coordinate our approach to dovetail with your cyber security insurance requirements.

At the heart of what we do in helping our clients to prepare is the development of a proactive response to different types of cyber attack and a full assessment of existing cyber risk management. Since they are very much interconnected, this means aligning legal preparedness with technological preparedness. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we work with clients’ preferred forensic IT and cybersecurity specialist consultants to ensure that the right expertise is applied in every situation.