Does your organisation have a strategy for cyber security? Do you have an incident response plan in place? Have you trained your incident response team? Do you understand your breach notification obligations? Are you sufficiently prepared to be able to contain the damage and optimise your risk if you suffer a serious incident? We can help.

The cyber threat is ever evolving.   Your approach to cybersecurity readiness needs to be equally flexible, adaptable and proactive. Many threats are external - ransomware or other malware, web-based attacks, APTs, botnets, phishing attacks, espionage, organised crime or state sponsored attacks.  However, we should not underestimate the insider threat or low-tech threats, whether malicious or accidental: malicious or disgruntled employees, misdirected emails, inappropriately disposed hard-copy documents and failures to follow process that result in a data breach can all get your organisation in serious trouble.

Mitigating your legal and regulatory cyber security risk is not rocket science. We have been helping clients achieve this for many years, and can do the same for you.

Being cyber prepared means being cyber resilient: planning ahead before an incident occurs, putting the right policies and processes in place, partnering with the right vendors, and rehearsing your arrangements can help you ensure a breach does not become a full-blown crisis. We do not only advise on the law or compliance issues, we advise on risk. Our cybersecurity law experts help clients to establish the right governance framework and accountability controls; put appropriate policies and processes in place; help your information security team decide what are the 'appropriate' operational security controls; deliver training, and run simulations and table-tops that will minimise the impact of cyber incidents.

Your incident response plan must be comprehensive, but not overly prescriptive. It must provide certainty, but without unduly restricting your incident response team. Your incident response team must be familiar with your incident response plan and processes, which must be well rehearsed. You need to be well aware of the breach notification requirements that apply to you, whether to data protection regulators, sectoral regulators, customers, business partners, stakeholders, shareholders or insurers. 

Our cyber security team can develop a bespoke cyber strategy for your needs and will help you implement it in a way that makes sense for your business. Equally, if you only need advice and support on discreet matters, we are here to help. 

Trying to plan for every eventuality is challenging, especially when the complete elimination of cyber risk is impossible. We have more experience than most law firms in helping clients to prepare by designing strategies that focus on managing risk at every stage.  This includes coordinating our approach to dovetail with your cyber security insurance requirements and working with cybersecurity vendors to provide a holistic solution to your requirements.

Please contact any one of our team for advice on devising and implementing a cyber strategy that's right for your business.

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