In helping you deal with a cyber security incident, we bring to the table not only our legal expertise, but also the insights and gumption developed  during over 10 years of  specialist experience. 

When you suffer a cyber security breach, your response needs to be immediate, efficient and properly co-ordinated. Several jurisdictions, such as those in the EU have mandatory breach notification requirements, which can be as tight as 72 hours (or less in certain cases). Remember: most organisations that have been criticised for a cyber security breach were not criticised so much because they suffered a breach, but rather because of the way in which they handled it.

However, your response should also be pragmatic and proportionate. Having the right legal advisors on your side in these circumstances is essential.

You incident response plan and broader preparedness efforts should give you a clear framework in which you will deal with the incident, by identifying and containing the problem, taking the right remedial and risk mitigation action, controlling the narrative and limiting its impact.

That is what we help you do: complying with regulations and best practice in a pragmatic way, ensuring that the right information is quickly given to the relevant decision makers, helping your senior stakeholders make decisions, creating a consistent narrative through PR and internal communications, handling internal and external investigations, delivering continuous legal advice to senior management and helping you handle regulatory liaison. We will advise you on risk from day one, and will help you devise and adapt your approach to an incident while you are dealing with it.

We have worked on hundreds of data and cyber security incidents over the years, each and every time helping clients deal with them in a customised, swift and effective way. Working with a broad spectrum of clients who have suffered cyber security breaches, we are currently dealing with a wide range of practical and regulatory issues. Our unique track record in helping clients to prepare comprehensively has helped to keep them out of trouble and minimise the impact when cyber breaches have happened.

Having a trusted cybersecurity legal team on speed dial is an essential element of your cyber security strategy.  Contact any of our key contacts to see how we can help.

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