Cyber security hits the headlines every day. According to the latest government figures, 46% of companies suffered a cyber attack or breach on their computer systems in 2016, nearly double the previous year. No matter how secure, no system is immune from cyber crime.

The consequences are self-evident: cyber crime can damage your business, harm your reputation, lose you customers and result in huge fines. Effective planning for a cyber incident is therefore essential: a carefully executed response to a breach or an attack needs to be rapid, well-planned and pragmatic.

Fieldfisher has an industry leading cyber security practice with longstanding expertise in helping clients to be prepared, identifying the legal risks and obligations, taking the right steps and delivering the right solutions across all the relevant aspects of IT and internet security, data protection, privacy, technology and dispute resolution.

We have been advising clients since the first Data Protection Act was passed a generation ago, representing clients across a broad spectrum of legal, regulatory, and legislative matters involving cyber security issues. This embraces everything from information and data loss protection, firewalls, policies and processes, impact assessment, governance, reporting and regulator liaison to liability, publicity, loss mitigation, cyber risks insurance, and civil proceedings.

In doing this, we help our clients to meet the full scope of complex legal demands in managing every aspect of cyber security risk. These include: developing a comprehensive cyber security strategy, being fully prepared for an incident, planning an immediate response that is appropriate to particular circumstances, and resolving any cyber dispute that may arise in its aftermath, no matter how complex.

Across a wide range of sectors, we help our clients to deal with the impact, both potential and real, of hacking and data breaches: to implement effective cyber attack preparedness through incident response planning and strategic risk management, to review existing governance structures, and where necessary, to put new ones in place - such as those required by GDPR and other Data Protection regulations.

Drawing on our depth of experience, we can help deliver exactly what you need to address every cyber security challenge before it happens, and once it has taken place.