Many countries throughout the world are subject to economic and trade sanctions, often imposed by a variety of governments, the EU or the UN.  If your business operates in a country on which sanctions have been imposed, or intends to move into such a territory, it is essential to understand the potential impact of the global sanctions regime.  We are experienced in advising businesses who wish to understand how they can comply with UK, UN and EU sanctions and avoid liability for 'sanctions busting' offences. We have close contacts with experts on US sanctions law so that we can offer a co-ordinated service to clients. 

We have our finger on the pulse of impending changes to sanctions regimes which have been announced but not yet effected. Therefore we are able to advise our clients how to take advantage lawfully of new opportunities for trade when nations are brought back into the fold of the international community.

With offices in Europe and contacts in key jurisdictions, we are ideally placed to help you understand the effect of sanctions imposed by other governments.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Advising a worldwide travel company on the impact of sanctions in Cuba, Burma and Iran.

  • Advising a financial institution on interactions with a Libyan owned bank.

  • Advising an international oil company with exploration and production interests in Syria on the impact of successive EU sanctions on its business.

  • Advising an OFAC listed business in relation to its challenge to the imposition of sanctions.

  • Advising in relation to applying for a licence from HM Treasury to permit enforcement of a judgment against Iranian assets frozen by sanctions.

  • Advising a global energy business on limitations on interactions in Burma in light of EU, US, UK and Canadian sanctions.

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