Many countries have bribery legislation, but the UK's approach is particularly onerous and applies to all companies doing business in the UK. The UK's Bribery Act 2010 imposes obligations that are not limited to the UK but extend worldwide. A company can be held liable for bribes paid by an overseas agent even if the company did not know about the bribe. Consequently no business can afford to be without proper anti-corruption policies and processes. 

When a bribery issue arises it is important that the matter is investigated properly. We have been involved in many and know how to avoid the pitfalls of gathering evidence, and to safeguard privilege. Not only are we well versed in running internal investigations but we also know how to deal effectively with criminal and regulatory authorities. We are able to negotiate Deferred Prosecution Agreements in appropriate cases.

As the idiom goes – prevention is better than cure – and in the case of bribery that is particularly so. A business that has adequate procedures in place to prevent a bribe being paid may be able to avoid an issue arising. However if the bribe is paid despite a company's best efforts, the preventative measures can themselves provide a defence to liability under the Bribery Act 2010. We have significant experience of drafting practical and effective procedures for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our experience means we can take a pragmatic approach, and we can draft procedures for you in a cost-effective manner.

There is often an overlap in corruption cases among civil, criminal, regulatory and disciplinary issues. Our skills and experience enable us to guide our clients through all of the issues this throws up.


Notable deals / highlight

  • Counselled a services company on self-reporting to the UK Serious Fraud Office in light of the acquisition of a business with operations in Nigeria.

  • Attending client offices to advise on an emergency basis during a 'dawn raid' by police seeking documents, and caution interviews.

  • Undertook a multi-jurisdictional corruption investigation for a US based global corporation, and advised on "self-reporting" to regulatory and prosecutorial authorities.

  • Advised employees of a large multinational corporation on giving evidence in a high profile criminal trial.

  • Advised an international telecoms company on an internal investigation following the discovery of irregular payments in Africa and updated their anti-bribery polices.

  • Advised a Middle Eastern business on an internal investigation following the discovery of irregular payments.

  • Advised clients worldwide in a variety of sectors on the implementation of 'adequate procedures' to prevent bribery.

  • Advised a global transport company on its bribery risk assessment.

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