Major change programmes usually result in a new procurement or re- procurement exercise to source the new supplies and third party services needed to deliver the new ways of working required by the change programme.

Our team of highly experienced consultants recognise that these need to be undertaken in the full knowledge and understanding of the new business outcomes and new customer experience required by the change programme.

This holistic approach combined with our experience in supporting clients in their procurement and contracting activities, means we can provide a comprehensive and fully professional procurement and contracting service.

It has been our experience that often the team that procured a major contract is dispersed almost as soon as the contract has been signed, and another team is brought in to manage that contract but with less knowledge and experience. At best, the benefits the contract was supposed to deliver are diminished through poorer contract management; at worst, the contract becomes mired in disputes, and the failing project needs to be rescued.

To avoid this, Fieldfisher Consulting supports our clients by offering a contract management training package, and ongoing contract management support to help them throughout the lifetime of the contract.