To help organisations manage complex change, we take an holistic approach to understanding the challenge facing the client organisation. We analyse it through the lens of the customer’s current perspective and experience; establishing the desired, future customer experience; and then plotting the inter-dependent changes required by the organisation across all its key delivery mechanisms (eg policy; structure and governance; people and culture; procurement, contractual arrangements and technology).

The next step at this stage is to support our clients in the development of a high level road map for implementing the new customer experience. This road map describes the key elements of change required, the scale of the investment needed over time, the quantified and unquantifiable benefits to be derived, and the development of an underpinning business case justification for change.

The critical components of successful change programmes include clear objectives, committed corporate leadership at Board level, and a senior sponsor with the authority, credibility and influence to drive the programme. There must also be a clear “contract” between the business and the programme team defining the scope, objectives, deliverables, milestones and benefits. Also needed are experienced programme managers with high quality team leadership skills, relevant technical and project management skills, who can apply the right tool set for governance, planning, monitoring and reporting relevant to the particular programme to be delivered.

We can draw upon its extensive experience of designing and managing complex change programmes to work with our clients to advise and support them in defining and creating the right environment and structure to fit their programme management requirements and advise them on the assembly and mobilisation of the resources required to ensure successful delivery.