Before a law becomes law, politicians do a lot of talking. And in their conversations, there is a lot of room to influence the direction that the law eventually takes.

Similarly, the laws adopted often establish regulatory procedures affecting certain products and services and those procedures involve committees, government departments and industry associations. Those procedures also offer affected parties the opportunity to influence the overall process.

From our EU offices in London, Brussels, Paris, Hamburg and Munich we have the experience and contacts to influence the substance of proposed legal provisions and relevant procedures. Our offices in Shanghai and Palo Alto provide international support and on the ground insights into developments in Asia and the Americas.

Our lawyers and technical consultants can assist you in analysing and interpreting proposed legislation and regulatory procedures to establish their effect; drafting position papers targeted at particular audiences; tracking legislative and policy developments; and organising and facilitating meetings with civil servants and parliamentarians.

We fight hard to get our clients the results that they need and we advise clients across sectors and industries, including consumer goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, airlines, chemicals, paper and mining.


Notable deals / highlights

  • Unlike at many other firms, our lawyers have experience of making law because they have previously worked in government or at EU institutions.
  • We have specific experience in chemicals legislation, and in particular in lobbying on the complex REACH legislation, the fuel quality directive and the restriction of hazardous substances. We can also help you with the plant protection products directive (Directive 91/414), and the biocides directive (Directive 98/8).
  • On influencing regulatory procedures, we have defended the rights of clients in the review programmes undertaken by the Commission under Directives 91/414 and 98/8 all the way to litigation before the European Court of Justice.
  • We can defend you in relation to obligations under relevant legislation, submitting interpretative opinions of obligations to the responsible authorities and defending your rights in the various processes.
  • We provide support in fields including biocides, cosmetics, food, energy, fertilizers, life sciences, airlines, maritime, environment and waste, and financial services.