Everything you wanted to know about the new EU trade rules: Trump, Brexit, China and so much more.

  • date18 Oct 2018
  • Time12am-2.30pm
  • Event typeLive Event
  • Venue Fieldfisher (Belgium) LLP offices
    Boulevard Louis Schmidtlaan 29, Box 15
    1040 Brussels

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Fieldfisher (Belgium) LLP is hosting a unique session organised by The Association Leadership Academy for Brussels associations on a topic that has grown in importance – or even urgency – in the last few months.

Why attend?

Whether the industry that you represent has been affected directly, or you are expecting repercussions from a related sector in the coming weeks, do not miss this opportunity to learn from our experts.

Geopolitical uncertainty is something that all public affairs professionals know how to deal with. Whether it means using crisis management skills, analysing electoral outcomes or dealing with the growth of the Asian manufacturing sector. But these times are unprecedented. Brexit negotiators are now facing the cliff edge of “no deal”, and President Trump has turned his attention to Turkey as a new trade skirmish grows while others continue.

At this session, Laurent Ruessman and Jochen Beck will address these burning topics and shed light on the rules and laws that apply. Which are they? How are they applied? How can you best advise and inform your members?

The session will deal with:

• Major recent revisions to EU trade defence rules
• World Trade Organisation reform
• New trade tools or better use of existing tools?
• Consideration of trade impacts of EU product & environmental policies, as well as putting sustainability requirements into trade tools?
• Highlights from recent Free Trade Agreements and new or ongoing Free Trade Agreement negotiations

Who should attend?

This session is designed for association leaders, Board members, policy officers and executive secretariat members dealing with Trade issues.

How to participate?

Click on the blue Register button at the left top of the page. If you have any questions related to this event, please contact Jochen Beck or Laurent Ruessmann.