HR Law Focus: Latest legal topics relevant for HR

HR Law Focus: Latest legal topics relevant for HR
  • date16 Jun 2015
  • Time12:00 - 14:30
  • Event typeLive Event
  • Venue Fieldfisher - Brussels Office
    l'Arsenal, Boulevard Louis Schmidt, 29
    1040 Brussels

As every half-year, we are hosting an HR Law Focus lunch seminar (French/Dutch) at our Brussels office on Tuesday 16 June from noon till 2.30pm. We will delve into the most important HR law topics (legislation and case law) of the last 6 months and months to come.

The agenda for the upcoming session:

  • The social partner's agreement (IPA/AIP) 2015-16 commented; the social partners concluded an IPA/AIP agreement on 30 January 2015 - what has been implemented and what has to come
  • Upcoming social elections; we will comment on the latest legal developments and indicate the present areas of attention
  • Indexation of wages; how does the law of 23 April 2015 work in practice?
  • The latest update and changes in the harmonisation of the manual/office workers status; compensation indemnity for blue collar workers, outplacement allowance, supplementary pensions, …
  • The 'result -tied' bonus;
  • Important and interesting HR-case law (international and domestic).

Lunch will be provided during the seminar.

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